Cisco IOS - Create VLAN

Create a VLAN and it's L3 interface on Cisco IOS.

February 16, 2012

conf t
! Create the VLAN, name it and make sure it's active
vlan %{VLANnumber}%
 name %{VLANname}%
 state active
! Create the L3 interface, add the description and IP and activate it
interface vlan %{VLANnumber}%
 desc %{VLANname}%
 ip address %{IPaddr}% %{SubnetMask}%
 no shutdown
! Quick checks to make sure they look right
show vlan | inc include ^(VLAN|%{VLANnumber}% )
Show IP Interface Brief | i (Interface|Vlan%{VLANnumber}% )
! Don't forget to wr mem