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Cisco ASA Guest Wireless Configuration

February 16, 2012This is a simple template to configure an ASA device using asa821-k8.bin code. Interfaces: Ethernet0/0 is connected to a DSL modem and that DSL modem dishes out dhcp addresses. Ethernet0/1 is the management interface for this device. Ethernet0/2 is a trunk interface to a Cisco wireless controller. The guest wireless network is
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Add User Subnet to ASA

February 14, 2014General config for adding a DHCP enabled subnet to a Cisco ASA as a sub-interface. Note: Default firewall rule in this config blocks all traffic to RFC-1918 addresses. Warning: My regexes suck so make sure you type in correct values for subnets, etc.
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ASA Real-time Capture with ACL

February 19, 2014A quick ACL for use with the capture command in the ASA. Use "host x.x.x.x" or "x.x.x.0" in the target boxes and it will reverse to see traffic in both directions. NOTE: It clears config on the ACL so be sure you've got the right ACL!